UNEXMIN GeoRobotics: surveying solutions for flooded environments

Flooded Mines

For mine owners looking to survey flooded sections.


Other Flooded Environments

For organizations that need to analyse flooded environments, e.g. for stability and safety.

ROV Operator Training

Specialized training for operating ROV’s in difficult flooded environments

about the project

How we help

At UNEXMIN GeoRobotics, or UGR for short, we specialize in applying robotic systems for surveying confined flooded spaces.

Do you own a flooded mine that you would like to assess, or are you facing possible public risks from collapses of old abandoned mines, then contact us.

Flooded caves
Flooded mines
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How are we different?


UGR has a unique combination of experienced robotics personnel and geoscientific experts. Our experts span a complete range from robot design, maintenance, operations, all the way to geological interpretation & modelling and geotechnical evaluation.

Health and safety

Our underwater ROV's are capable to go and see where it is otherwise too risky to go. Instead of risking the lives of divers why not consider using robots?

Core strength

UGR is the first company in the world to offer a combination of uniquely developed technologies for surveying flooded environments with a team of experts that know how to evaluate and interpret the results.

Customizable solutions

UGR has a range of equipment and tools to provide solutions for most flooded environments.

Also, we have connections with skilled cave divers and can help you to find the best solution.