First site assessment in 2020 concluded

In July, two colleagues visited a site in the Ukraine to be surveyed for health and safety reasons. The Solotvino salt mine in the Ukraine, located only several km from the Romanian border is a traditional tourist attraction. However, in the past it was the site of extensive salt mining. Due to the constant flow of fresh water through the mine, it is unclear what the status is of several of the large chambers that are likely to collapse at some stage.

UNEXMIN GeoRobotics was called in to use the UNEXUP technology for a detailed survey of these flooded chambers. However, as a first pass, a site analysis was needed to assert if and where the UX-robots could be safely launched to start the surveys. That analysis and its subsequent report were successfully concluded and a report of the findings has been handed to the client.

Areal overview

In April or May 2021 the team from UNEXUP including members of UGR will re-visit the Solotvino mine to perform a full survey. It is hoped the identified possible launching sites will not be blocked and will result in some unprecedented images of this once lucrative mine.

Some possible launch sites are more suitable the others… But safety preparations will be required in any case.

Unsuitable launch site
Possible launch site