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UNEXMIN GeoRobotics

Käfersteige mine, Pforzheim, Germany – October 2022 – Preliminary Fieldtip

    We arrived at the largest deposit of fluorspar in Europe, which is assumed to be in the Käfersteige area, near Pforzheim, Germany. The mine is currently owned by Deutsche Flussspat GmbH (DFG), who plan to dewater and reopen the mine. The DFG commissioned our company to first of all make video recordings of the main mine shaft, examine its condition and detect possible blockages and collapses.

    The secondary objective of the work is to produce an accurate 3D map of the mine workings, based on which we will calculate the volume of the flooded sections and monitor the mine water (pH, EC, temperature, O2 fugacity), which has been previously certified as perfectly clean, using a water parameter measuring unit installed on the robot.

    During the preliminary field survey, we defined the details of the future work process, identified the potential location of the robotic control room to be built at the mine entrance, and agreed on the list of tools and equipment needed to carry out the work.