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UNEXMIN GeoRobotics

In early March, the UNEXMIN Georobotics team carried out a preliminary field survey at a fluorite mine in Gehren, Ilmenau, Germany.

The mine has asked us to help prepare the dewatering process, which we plan to carry out in several phases over the coming years. We wanted to survey the flooded levels using our UX1-Neo robot to ensure success.
However, before our full team departed to Germany, we had to conduct a preliminary field survey to assure ourselves and the mine that the shaft we wanted to use as an access hatch was open and undamaged and that the UX1-Neo robot could easily reach the target area.

As a result of the one-day field survey, we found out with one of our simpler ROVs that the shaft we wanted to use was blocked at a water depth of 17 m, making it impossible to use the UX-series robots as they are currently deployed.

Hopefully, our work did not end there, as the mine still wishes to dewater the shafts. UNEXMIN Georobotics Ltd provided them with an extremely valuable piece of information they could not have obtained by any other method.