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UNEXMIN GeoRobotics

Our Services

We help companies understand what would otherwise remain a mystery

Basic site assessment

Not sure if a solution exists for your site? Curious what options would be available? Talk to our team about your unique situation and let us advice you on the current state of the art in technology and what would be the best solution.

Full complex 3D survey

Our ROV's contain a range of technologies that can be added. From uniquely developed underwater laser scanners and photogrammetry models, advanced water chemistry and water sampling device to basic depth, pressure or temperature sensors, we can provide solutions for most situations.
All options will be discussed in advance to plan a detailed survey of the site. Any survey will include a basic site assessment.


We design and manufacture custom-made underwater robotic mine surveyors, sampling and production systems. Our team is made up of the best mechatronic, mechanical and electrical engineers and programmers. Our experts are at your service to develop any underwater device you need.

Flooded mine surveying

The UGR offers a complete robotics survey of flooded mining areas using the most recent underwater technology to reduce the risk of mine reopening by orders of magnitude. We are using non-contact methods for a high-resolution 3D mapping, to gather valuable geological, mineralogical, and spatial information.

Water reservoir survey

We are using the most advanced underwater technologies for surveying drinking water wells, water reservoirs and drainage systems. Our robots can perform 3D sonar, laser, and photogrammetric surveys. After proper disinfection, the robots can survey any drinking water supply.

Alternative solutions

We offer alternative solutions to survey any flooded confined space. During an individual consultation, our company will help you to choose the technology that best suits your needs to ensure success.