The UX1-Neo explored the Molnár János Cave in Budapest, Hungary

  • ugr 

The UX1-Neo robot was tested in one of the most complicated underwater passage systems in Europe: The Molnár János Cave in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. This cave is a multilevel maze which means navigation and mapping is extremely difficult.

However, the robot is equipped with cutting edge instruments and sensors not just to survive the adventure but to collect precise data about the geology of the cave.

The known part of the Molnár János Cave is 7 km long but who knows how many meters are hiding below the Buda Hills yet to be discovered. The maze-like structure makes it hard to find the continuations but the geological information can help us in the search for new passages.

The formation of caves follows the pattern of faults, cracks and fissures in the bedrock. The directions of these features determine the directions of the passages. With the sensors of the robot, we can record the structural geological marks on the cave walls and later the main directions can be calculated giving hints for further explorations.

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