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UNEXMIN GeoRobotics

Alsósajó (Nižná Slaná), Slovakia – August 2022 – Preliminary Fieldtrip

    Researchers from UNEXMIN Georobotics Ltd and the University of Miskolc visited a former siderite mine near Nižná Slaná in Slovakia, where large amounts of arsenic-contaminated water have been flowing into the Sajó River in recent months.
    The team uses UGR’s Deep Trekker DTG3 robot to dive into one of the mine’s open shafts and determine whether the area is suitable for the UX1-Neo robot.
    The UX1-Neo robot would later be able to perform dives in the mine workings, create 3D maps of the mine passages and accurately determine the location of the contaminated tailings stored in the mine. This would allow targeted remediation of the area, avoiding further pollution of the Sajó River and surrounding waters.