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UNEXMIN GeoRobotics

Ecton – March 2022 – Testing of BlueROV2

    The main objective of the dives in Ecton in March 2022 was to compare the performance and capabilities of the UX1-Neo robot with the UX1-Nata used in the same location in 2019 and to test the preliminary site survey capabilities of the BlueROV2.

    On 22 March 2022, BlueROV2 carried out two dives in the North Winze, an exploratory shaft just over 19m deep, which is an inclined passage leading from one level to another but not rising to the surface. The dive’s purpose was to understand the underwater features better and test postulated links with other parts of the mine, as the hydraulic connection is known. Our mission, as well as the testing of BlueRov2 was a success.