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UNEXMIN GeoRobotics

Exploring the Csór freshwater well in Hungary

    The UNEXMIN Georobotics Ltd. just finished to map a freshwater well in Csór, Hungary. The mission was to survey the most important potable water source of Western Hungary.

    The shaft needs reconstruction work which requires very accurate measurements. As this water is for drinking, to avoid contamination no humans are allowed to enter the water body.

    Therefore, the only solution is using a robot, which can be properly disinfected to do the survey: the UX-1NEO.

    The access to the diving site is relatively easy compared to an abandoned mine, yet careful preparation is needed to lower down the robot safely through the narrow entrance. Although the robot can smoothly operate underwater on its own, human help is needed to initiate the dive. When everything and everyone is ready it is time to unleash the UX1-NEO.

    The geology and the water chemistry of the site is well known, therefore only the modelling abilities of the robot is needed here.

    While numerous other devices help the robot to define its own position in the shaft, three imaging systems are working simultaneously to get the best results for the model.

    The multibeam sonar provides a rough but trustworthy model, the laser-based Structured Light System reveals the fine details, while thanks to the RGB cameras the final model can give us a realistic impression.