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UNEXMIN GeoRobotics

Hranice Abyss – July 2022 – Arrival

    Our team has arrived in Hranice, Czech Republic. Our mission is to explore the Hranice Abyss, the deepest known underwater cave on Earth, to a depth of 200 m in the next few days. The cave’s deepest point is currently known at 404m, reached by a research robot during a 2016 National Geographic mission. NatGeo’s mission was exclusively aimed at breaking the depth record.
    UNEXMIN Georobotics Ltd and its partners in the UNEXUP EIT RawMaterials project, Amphora Diving Club and the Czech Caving Association will be complemented in the coming days to create an accurate 3D image of the upper parts of the cave with the UX1-Neo robot. In addition, we would like to gain a more precise knowledge of the constriction at a depth of 200 m and the debris accumulated there. On the basis of the information obtained, we would like to investigate the likelihood of a future world-record mission without risking the UX1-Neo robot.
    During the dives, the UX1-Neo diving robot will continuously measure water parameters, which Czech geologists and hydrogeologists will analyse to understand the cave better.