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UNEXMIN GeoRobotics

Kőbánya – June 2022 – The Mission Part 1

    Between the 13th and 24th of June 2022, our team will test the limits of technology in the Kőbánya cellar system, which is the largest cellar system in Hungary. Its surface area is estimated to be between 180 – 220 thousand m2, and the combined length of the tunnels is estimated to be around 32 – 35 km. The water temperature is around 10-13 °C and is generally very clean and clear (aside from minor floating debris from decaying equipment and significant silt deposits in some halls), providing good visibility.

    The first untethered dive of the UX1-Neo was performed on 18 June. It was a real milestone in our history, as it was the first untethered dive with any of the UX robots.