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UNEXMIN GeoRobotics

The UNEXUP consortium launched its first commercial mission with the UX-1Neo in Hungary in June 2021. The mission site was the Csór water well, a significant potable source of drinking water located in Western Hungary. The aim of the mission was to create a comprehensive and detailed 3D map of the well’s structure without disrupting the pumping process, without draining the well or without human intervention that would contaminate the water. This data would then be used to help engineers in planning the reconstruction of the well.

The robot was sterilized before being launched down the shaft, reaching a depth of approximately 66 meters. The multibeam sonar system allowed for the precise mapping of the environment, while the structured light systems (SLS) provided additional details of the structure. Furthermore, the photogrammetry cameras provided a realistic image of the final model of the Csór well. Impressively, the mission was accomplished after just a single dive, highlighting the efficiency and effectiveness of the UX-1Neo in accomplishing its objectives.

See the following YouTube videos about the mission: