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UNEXMIN GeoRobotics

In March 2022, technology developers and robot operators returned to Ecton mine for the second UNEXUP fieldwork of the year, aiming to continue exploring the mine shafts in the United Kingdom.

The underwater exploration of Ecton mine had already begun in 2019 during the UNEXMIN project, utilizing UX-1 robots. However, in 2022, they continued their work using the advanced UX-1Neo robot, which collected spatial data using sonars and lasers. This allowed the team to perform volumetric calculations of the mine chambers. In addition, UX-1Neo continuously measured water parameters such as pH, electrical conductivity, temperature, oxygen fugacity, and water pressure.

During the mission, UX-1Neo dived into two shafts, uncovering previously unknown parts of the mine workings that had remained undiscovered for over 150 years. Due to the crystal-clear waters, the team was able to produce high-resolution, 3D photogrammetric models of the mine.

The following YouTube videos show some of the mission’s outcomes: