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UNEXMIN GeoRobotics

In the Summer of 2022, the UNEXUP team, local cave divers, and various Czech special rescue units including firefighters collaborated to explore and map the Hranice Abyss, the deepest underwater cave on Earth. The project aimed to achieve high-precision 3D mapping of the cave and hydrogeological measurements, an important step in the ongoing research of the system. Since the first explorations and mapping of the cave began in 1961, it has been progressively explored with the top 200m investigated by divers, while ROVs (underwater robots) are used for the deeper parts beyond human capabilities. During the mission, the team achieved their set goals and broke the world record on the 1st of August by mapping a new depth of -450m with UX-1Neo, increased the explored and mapped depth of the cave by 45 meters. This new record reveals that the cave does not end at -450m but continues deeper with a large cross-section of the corridor as the gathered data suggest that. The next ideal target is for UX-2 to reach the bottom of the cave with its 1.5km depth-capability, as previous geophysical work suggests a potential 800–1300m depth of the cave.

See the following YouTube video about the mission: