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UNEXMIN GeoRobotics

The UNEXUP team progressed to their next field work site, Molnár János cave, in Budapest, Hungary, following the successful completion of the Csór well mission. The goal of the Molnár János mission was to conduct further testing of UX-1Neo’s functionalities, sensors, and navigation in a real-life environment. However, the site presented a challenging task for the robot due to its complex underwater structure.

Despite the challenges, the robot was able to navigate efficiently using its installed sensors and instruments, and produce spatial, geological, and structural data from the cave. These data were monitored in real-time from the control room. The collected structural information of the cave enabled geoscientists to determine the directions of the faults and fissures on the rocks that control the openings and passages in the cave. The post-processing and interpretation of these data would be valuable for planning further exploration in the future.

See the following YouTube video abot the mission: