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UNEXMIN GeoRobotics

South Crofty – March 2022 – mission

    During the expedition, successful dives were made to the ‘195 fm pumping station’ of the New Cooks Kitchen shaft, generating approximately 1 TB of data.

    The diving conditions were far from ideal, the water was almost opaque to the cameras. The maximum visibility of about 5 cm was due to sediment on the side of the shaft, corroded metal fragments, dust and other floating particles.

    During the dive, however, the recorded data allowed the entire structure of the shaft to be reconstructed, including a wooden bar and a metal gate that blocked the way to the pump station. During the dive, UX1-Neo also continuously monitored water parameters using a sensor that recorded data on temperature, pH, water depth and electrical conductivity every second.

    The mission was successfully achieved, with the UX1-Neo robot exploring the New Cooks Kitchen shaft of the South Crofty mine to a water depth of 292 m.